Various Artists : African Offering (MP3)

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1. NOMO - "Nu Tones"
2. Orgone - "A WOT"
3. Ikebe Shakedown - "The Offering"
4. Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - "Gibbon's Dub"
5. The Lions - "Jungle Struttin"
6. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Ethio"
7. Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - "Shaman"
8. Ikebe Shakedown - "The Hold Up"
9. Bosq of Whiskey Barons - "Dem Know feat. Kaleta"
10. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - "Which Direction"
11. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Lagos Calling"
12. NOMO - "My Dear"
13. Ikebe Shakedown - "Tujunga"
14. Bosq of Whiskey Barons - "More Heavy feat. Kaleta"
15. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - "Only Now"
16. Ikebe Shakedown - "Chosen Path"
17. NOMO - "Patterns"

"African Offering" is a 17-track sojourn through Ubiquity's catalog of Afro-inspired tunes from NOMO's excursions into Afro-beat and Electronic music, to the Lion's Funk-tinged Reggae meets Soul, to Bosq's modern take on the Afro-disco sound. Other gems include the horn-driven Funk of Brooklyn hard-hitters Ikebe Shakedown, library-inspired tunes by Shawn Lee's Ping-Pong Orchestra, percussion-driven Funk by Orgone, and heady Jazz from the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra. To round out the compilation the Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra pay homage to the diversity of the African musical diaspora with 2 songs from their upcoming debut album.

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