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1. Intro
2. Descarga Borgers
3. Jazz On The Latin Side
4. Presentimiento
5. What If?
6. Mambo Niles
7. Mckibon Walks The Talk

fortunate ones that attended this rare live recording on January
7, 2000 at "B. B. King's" have realized by now that
they took part in an historical event, as it pertains to Latin
jazz on the west coast. It was the celebration of the 10th anniversary
of the "Jazz on the Latin Side" radio show on Jazz Radio
KLON; and it was the birth of "The Jazz on the Latin Side
All-Stars". From that incredible night of music came a new
beginning. "The Jazz on the Latin Side All-Stars Vol. 1"
and this CD, Vol. 2, document the entire wonderful Latin jazz
session that will be remembered for years to come. The Jazz on
the Latin Side All-Stars are much more than just a typical latin
jazz band. They represent the coming together of the most celebrated
and versatile Latin jazz musicians in Los Angeles. Beyond merely
performing as a "loose-jam" all-star band, they rehearsed
original compositions and performed with the punch of an errupting
volcano. The beauty of this band is that they all love playing
together. That spiritual unity is their magic; and the audience
becomes a rich energy source, as you can witness from listening
to this live recording. They are an all-star band developing a
unique group sound, and that is very rare to hear. The wonderful
arrangements from Joe Rotundi, Robert Incelli, and Francisco Torres
greatly contribute to the tasty flavor and sound. The more they
play together, the more that exciting sound will evolve. They
remind me a little of the New York City-based Alegre All-Stars
of the '60s.


Our luminaries are Francisco Aguabella, Al McKibbon, Poncho Sanchez,
Justo Almario, and Alex Acuña, among an incredible cast
of musicians that we are very proud of in Southern California.
We know that the rest of the world will begin to recognize them,


"Descarga Borgers", arranged by Francisco Torres, is
dedicated to my friends, brother and sister Ken and Helen Borgers,
who have been popular personalities of Jazz Radio KLON for the
past 20 years or so. "Jazz on the Latin Side", also
arranged by Francisco Torres, was the result of Francisco's suggestion
to come up with a funky cha cha cha to feature Poncho. "Mambo
Niles", arranged by Robert Incelli, is a tribute to almost
50 years of entertaining and knowledgeable jazz broadcasting in
Los Angeles from our radio legend Chuck Niles. Chuck loves to
mix in a little Latin jazz with his straight-ahead jazz on the
air, so we sometimes fondly call him "Carlitos Niles".
He likes that name, and we have been extremely honored with his
presence on KLON for the past 10 years. I have personally learned
a great deal from listening to Carlitos.


"What If" is a 6/8 beauty, filled with batá drums
and jazz, composed by my muisical director, the very talented
trombonist Francisco Torres. "McKibbon Walks the Talk",
arranged by Joe Rotundi, is our tribute to the legendary Latin
jazz bassist Al McKibbon. His 365-year-old bass is probably the
one common denominator in the history of Latin jazz from its birth
in the late '40s. Al was an integral part of the Dizzy Gillespie
Band with Chano Pozo, later making some legendary recordings with
Cal Tjader, George Shearing, Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella,
The Jazz Cruzaders, and Mongo Santamaria, among many others. Al
McKibbon has always walked the talk, that's why we all respect
him so much. Orquesta Broadway's "Presentimiento" was
a fun charanga dance cut that Francisco Torres suggested we throw
in. It was a great suggestion.


You can refer to Vol. 1 for more extensive information on the
great musicians involved and the story behind the "Jazz on
the Latin Side" radio show on Jazz Radio KLON, written by
Danilo Lozano. Both CDs are the result of an incredible amount
of enjoyable work, and our desire to give you nothing but the


Thank you to all of the great, world-class musicians, my friends,
for sharing your magic. Thank you to "B.B. King's" on
the Universal City Walk: your club was perfect.


And thank you to all of our KLON supportors for making the creation
of "The Jazz on the Latin Side All-Stars" a reality.
Con mucho cariño,

José Rizo

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