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A1. Milez Benjamin - All The People
A2. Milez Benjamin - All The People (Instrumental)
B1. Ohmega Watts - Platypus Strut (Extended Strut)
B2. Radio Citizen - The Hop (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
B3. Radio Citizen - The Hop (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (Instrumental)*

*Hudson Mohawke Remix Instrumental only available digitally!

The Ubiquity Choices EP series features multiple artists, all exclusive tracks - all killer no filler. Tunes are one-off collaborations, exclusive mixes, sneak peaks at future Ubiquity albums and new joints collected from artists around the world. All 100% DJ friendly. This first EP sold out quickly on 12” single, including a track that was featured on MTV's 'Rob and Big'. Volume II will appear in the new Ubiquity 12” jacket, and will also be simultaneously available for download.

Milez Benjiman is brand new talent and his “All The People” is an exclusive cut. Hailing from the 4Lux crew out of Belgium this tasty mid-tempo freaky future soul cut is backed a rough n’rude b-line and electronics for a mix that breaks musical boundaries and should appeal to DJs of all shapes and sizes.

This version of Ohmega Watts “Platypus Strut” is an extended re-edit that Ohmega made exclusively for this EP and will not feature on his upcoming 2nd album. It’s an instrumental funk meets afrobeat jam that’s heavy on percussion and a great floor-filling DJ-tool. Features Todd Simon and Miles Tackett.

Radio Citizen’s “The Hop” has been the family favorite since it’s release on their debut album “Berlin Serengeti”. After appearances in TV shows 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Sleeper Cell', DVDs 'Astrisk 2' and 'The Truth', the track has also appeared on comps like Putomayos “A New Groove”, "A Radio Nova collection" and many more. Here it gets a thorough beat down from Hudson Mohawke, the only artist to appear on both Choices 1 and 2. Apocalytic breaks back arcade-like sounds and Bajka’s crazy vocal to create something beyond categorization – Boards of Canada do vocal grime?

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