United Vibrations - The Myth of the Golden Ratio (MP3)

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1. Sophia
2. Scion
3. Grow
4. Far Far Away i
5. Far Far Away ii
6. Far Far Away iii
7. I Am We
8. Twister
9. Cave
10. Golden

Music with a message and for community. That's what United Vibrations has brought to the table their entire career. Various writers and reviewers have tried their best to categorize the sound of London's United Vibrations using terms like Afrobeat or jazz. However, this unique group may be best described by the feelings their music instills instead of through a genre classification. Call it spiritual, or call it vibrations, for that matter. Vibrations for the sound waves produced by their instruments and voices as well as for the emotions that it stirs from within. Ubiquity is proud to be a part of this band's unique vision with the release of The Myth Of The Golden Ratio coming out February 26, 2016.

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