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1. Louie Vega: Jungle Fever (Chakachas)
2. Greyboy w/Bart Davenport: Genevieve (Cymande)
3. Antibalas: Che Che Colo (Makossa mix) (Willie Colon)
4. Elsa: Open Your Eyes (Betty Carter)
5. Paolo Fedreghini: Please Don't Leave (Sahib Shihab)
6. This kid named miles: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
7. Damon Aaron: Willing (Gil Scott-Heron)
8. Spiritual South feat Aurora Dawn: Stars and Rockets (Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra)
9. Spaceboys: Space Is The Place (Sun Ra)
10. John Arnold: Rough (Herbie Hancock)
11. P'taah: Baltimore Oriole (edit) (Lorez Alexandria)
12. Swag: Riot In Lagos (edit) (Ryuichi Sakamoto)
13. Nobody: Porpoise Song (The Monkees)
14. Jeremy Ellis: Chameleon (edit) (Herbie Hancock)
15. Bing Ji Ling: You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

On volume 3 artists like Louie Vega, Greyboy, Antibalas, Swag, P'taah, Jeremy Ellis (aka Ayro), This Kid Named Miles (of Breakestra), John Arnold, Nobody, Damon Aaron, Spiritual South and others pay tribute to classic songs and underground cult tracks by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Cymande, Gil Scott-Heron, Sun Ra, The Chakachas and even Johnny Cash and AC/DC. Rewind III, unlike the first volumes (and the copy-cat comps that followed), includes no remixes or re-edits of the originals this time - just 100% cover versions made from scratch, with love and dedication by artists from Italy, England, Sweden, Portugal and the USA. 6 tracks are completely exclusive, 2 are as yet unreleased anywhere else, and 2 more were previously unavailable on CD.

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