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1. PPP - On A Cloud
2. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Ensemble Remix)
3. The SA-RA Creative Partners feat. Noni Limar - I Swear
4. Betty Padgett - Sugar Daddy
5. Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins feat. The Superimposers - Root Trees
6. Nino Moschella - What U Do 2 Me
7. Shawn Lee feat. Fanny Franklin - Too Tired To Sleep
8. Clutchy Hopkins and Lord Kenjamin - Riff Raff Rollin
9. Lord Newborn and The Magic Skulls - Disco Loco
10. Blank Blue - Eyes Closed (Nosaj Thing Remix)
11. The Clonious feat. Muhsinah - One At A Time
12. NOMO - Nocturne
13. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Simple Advice

This digital-download-only compilation features our favorite tracks from the past year, and one exclusive joint from the upcoming Georgia Anne Muldrow album.

In true end-of-the-year-mixtape fashion the album is packed with all-winners, and no filler. Reaching out across genres to bring you reels of only the best, we’ve included the Motown-infused sound of PPP’s “On A Cloud”, the cosmic vibes of SA-RA and NOMO, and Lord Newborn’s uptempo-psychedelia. Continuing the eclectic outernational selection are the futuristic visions of Austrian-based The Clonious and UK remixer Floating Points whose works sit next to the old school sound of Betty Padgett and the heartbreaking dusty soul of Nino Moschella and Fanny Franklin.

This is music from the heart, for good times and tough times, and forever. We hope you dig it, and come back for more in 2010.

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