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01. The Mighty Ryeders
02. Let There Be Peace
03. Lovely
04. Evil Vibrations
05. Help Us Spread The Message
06. Everybody Groove
07. I've Really Got The Feeling
08. Fly Away With Me (Instrumental)
09. Star Children
10. Ain't That Away (To Spend Our Day)

Special Limited Edition Colored Vinyl (Clear Vinyl).

Produced by Samuel Solomon, Jr. - Written & Arranged by Rodney K. Matthews

The birth of the Mighty Ryeders took place in April of 1977 (A.D.). Within a month after those first breaths, this gifted eight member group began setting the stage to be best or among the best recording and entertainment group of their time. With this concept, and a wholesome amount of musical talent, this album of songs was created.

The Mighty Ryeders album displays a wide range of creative songs. Their variety is a spice of life, which expands the spectrum of funk, disco, soul, pop and some easy listening tunes. This album song ideas and sophisticated arrangements, generates more creativity and excitement than anyone had ever imagined.

Hardly anyone ever listening to the Mighty Ryeders live or on record will ever be deprived of a beautiful musical and entertaining experience. This talented eight member group's tunes adds superb spices to make you wanto to boogie down, dance in the streets, sing out aloud, or just lend an (listen) ear to their creative sound.

The Mighty Ryeders talent brings a new beginning to the world of music, their style adds a stroke of genius to a deveolping wave that will sweep the country of music lovers for future generations to come. This power-pac sounding album will stimulate their listeners to the point of playing tunes again, again, and again...

- Original Liner Notes, 1978

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