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01. Helium
02. Helium (Letherette Remix)
03. Painted Stairs (Remix)
04. The Park (Remix)

Just a few months after the birth of their son, and the release of their debut Ubiquity album, Jed and Lucia return to the studio having dreamed-up a new EP which features a brand new track, a remix by Letherette, and two remixes of tracks from the “Superhuman Heart” album.

“Helium” finds the duo locking in on the best aspects of their album, which All Music called “The perfect soundtrack to your lazy autumn days.” By combining breezy vocals that breathe life into a wash of pristine keyboards and evocative piano, Jed and Lucia have created a beautiful synth-pop welcome to spring sunshine. Letherette take the original version on a beat-driven journey from sparse mellow-shoe gaze hip hop to head-nodding irresistible force, allowing wisps of vocal to leak out into the atmosphere amidst a crescendo of pulsing synths.

The flipside sees the machines in their studio infiltrate the Jed and Lucia files, and they reconfigure their folksy songs, spitting them out covered in a new shiny format. “These re-workings were inspired by the Shlohmo remix on our first 10”,” explains Mark Reveley. “Painted Stairs” and “The Park” have transformed from gentle laid-back album-style songs to more aggressive beat-heavy joints fueled by a barrage of scattershot mechanical finger snaps and heavyweight low end persuasion.

“Painted Stairs” was leaked on the Label Love digital compilation (from Ubiquity, Tru Thoughts, Plug, Ninja Tune MPM and One Handed) which RCRDLBL re-posted saying, ”Every so often, an artist will alter their sound to such a degree that it makes you listen to their music in a different way…Berkeley duo Jed & Lucia make you realize that you were watching Avatar without the 3-D glasses. Gentle, electronic-tinged folk-pop.”

Jed and Lucia are Emma Lucia and Mark Reveley. Mark comes from Bainbridge Island, Washington, while Emma grew up as a second generation Swede in Los Angeles. They met and started making music together in 1995, playing together in various groups until starting Jed and Lucia in 2005. They lived together in various desert outposts at the fringes of Los Angeles until 2008 when they moved up to the Bay Area and to the hills of Berkeley.

“Superhuman Heart” was released in 2010 and is a kaleidoscope of tunes dreamed-up and recorded in the parks and woods around their house. Their pastoral setting and sensibility has been warped by a love for electronics and while their vocal harmonies smack of classic 1960s Cali-pop, Jed and Lucia’s acoustic guitars and poignant lyrics are subverted by sun-drenched synths and bass lines.

For fans of: Washed out, Blackbird Blackird, Toro Y Moi, James Blake, Shlohmo

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