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1. Afrodesia
2. Mozamba
3. Soul Rockin'
4. Afro Revolt
5. Drumbouie
6. Torrid Zone
7. Oom-Gowa
8. Slave Traders
9. Aphro Bugaloo
10. Chocolate Drop
11. Le Berber
12. Sand, Sun and Sea

Jack Millman, aka Johnny Kitchen, had a hand in many interesting,
obscure and highly collectible records from the 1960s and 1970s.
Producing, composing, recording, editing, releasing, licensing ā€“ you
name it, Millman did it. The records he touched had an eclectic range
from psychedelic rock to Latin jazz, and several include editing
techniques that can only be described as an early incarnation of
sampling in music. The Victims of Chance, Blues Train, The Crazy
People, The Trio of Tyme, The Pros, The Tarots, Jeremiah, and even
(Frank Zappa protege) Larry "Wild Man" Fisher were some of the acts
connected to Millman. Based in Los Angeles he was called-upon by
multiple people to make tax shelter records, and provided musical
content for the Condor, Mira, Mirawood and Crestview labels amongst
many others.

After seeing them play at the Living Room (which
later became the Comedy Store) on Sunset Boulevard, Millman became
manager of the Afro Latin Blues Quintet +1, and signed them to Randy
Woods (creator/owner of the Mira, Mirwood, Crestview, Surrey labels) in
the late 1960s.

Having released several albums this band would
later become the Afro Soultet. The liner notes to their Afrodesia album
state "This is Afrodesia! A Musical collage of many peoples. . .it
comes from Africa and from Arabia, from the South Seas and from Asia."
Living up to the promise of those notes Afrodesia mixes Latin Jazz,
with straight jazz, worldly percussion, surf, rock, funk, oddball sound
effects, a touch of lounge, and some hints of tropicalia. Millman
produced and released the Afrodesia album on his own Banyon label
sometime between 1968-1971 (no release date is listed on the record,
and Millman cannot recall a more exact date.)

Somewhere between
500 and 1000 LPs were pressed on Banyon. The album was licensed
non-exclusively to Betty Chiappetta (of Vee-Jay fame) for a period of
time, but it is possible that the record only saw release as a test
pressing during the license, and that no official release was made
commercially available. After their short stint as the Afro Soultet,
the band morphed one more time into The Afro Latin Soultet releasing
records with pianist Phil Moore III at the helm.

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