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"What we do know about him, and it's the most important thing, is that this music is F-U-N-K-Y...The rawest, grittiest, skin-slapping this side of The Meters..."
- Okayplayer

"If I were an emcee, I would want Clutchy on my squad. Much like MF Doom he has the unique ability to make the inanimate articulate, as if his instruments could speak. Not only is Clutchy 'next up', but he's also on some next shit."
- Thick Magaine

"Is Hopkins a creation of this label's in-house roster of acts or a mysterious master of the groove arts? In the end, who cares? The 12 tracks here are slick, slow funkin' instrumentals (mostly) that will bring smiles to baristas faces everywhere that it gets spun."
- The Province (Canada)

"Slow-burning arrangements smolder with exotic instrumentation and ear-bendingly effective playing..."
- OC Weekly

"Forged of modern soul, downtempo, hip-hop, blues and electronica, this is one pimp-ass record of atmospheric beat music that throbs with mood, mystery and humor. Add in a clever, hilariously crafted persona that makes truth and fiction impossible to separate as a mascot and you?ve got a winner."
- Orlando Weekly

"There's a spare, spacious approach here that almost reminds us of the energy that we first felt in DJ Shadow's groundbreaking work of a decade before -- a similar love of gritty, organic source material -- and an ear for putting it together with lots of dark twists and turns that balance nicely between classic funk and current hip hop production sensibilities. The flavor of each tune changes nicely -- making the album way more than just a clich?d collection of beats..."
- Dustygroove

"Walking Backwards' dense, drifting instrumentals were built on dry snare thwacks, woodwinds and gloomy, dim-lounge organs...Hopkins is a creepy one. Whoever he is."
- Remix

"The disc is chock full of slick jazz/funk fusion hip-hop beats that plays out like a soundtrack to the life of the Clutchster himself...Walking Backwards is nice change of pace from the norm as far as instrumental discs goes, with many using more samples and synthesizers than actual live instrumentation, with Hopkins apparently manning nearly all of the instrumentation. As a result, Clutchy proves that he's hipper than your average bum off the street, and he can play a mean flute...and drums, and organ, and harp..."

"The beats are so sticky-icky the record should come complete with rolling papers. 'Love Of A Woman' wins 'Best Song To Make Babies To' in 2008."
- Slug Magazine


We first became interested in releasing new tunes by Hopkins when Ubiquity crew set off on a search for the best records we could find. On one of our travels we stopped in the Mojave desert at the local swap meet in the town of Victorville, CA. Instantly luck led us to a few record crates jam-packed with classic soul, funk and jazz gems. But this happened to be the least of our discoveries. Next to the crates was a box of reel to reel tapes. Blindly buying the tapes out of curiousty, we brought them back to office only identifying the sounds from the tapes with the name that was etched on the casing: C. Hopkins. We spent a few months trying to track down this mystery man with no luck...up until internet postings, myspace videos and a call out of nowhere took us to closer to the source.

Kelli Hopkins, the daughter of one Clutchy Hopkins, called to explain that the tapes contained unreleased material from her father. We were finally able to reach out to our reclusive mystery man.

He is a peaceful mysterious man that has given us some of the best records in our collection. We would like to thank Clutchy for bringing us the music that he has made, and for letting us share it with the people.