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"The perfect soundtrack to your lazy autumn days and peaceful-anytime nights."
- All Music


Like the distant cousins of Jose Gonzales and Boards of Canada, Jed and Lucia’s songs have a pastoral sensibility that has been warped by their love for electronics. “Superhuman Heart” is a kaleidoscope of tunes dreamed-up and recorded in the hills, parks and woods of North Berkeley. Their vocal harmonies smack of classic 1960s Cali-pop, but Jed and Lucia’s acoustic guitars and poignant lyrics are subverted by sun-drenched synths and bass lines that add a subtle dose of urban bump and grind. Folksy songs are transformed by acid-tripped atmospherics in a soundtrack for creatures that crawl from the back woods into the city at nightfall.

Jed and Lucia are Emma Lucia and Mark Reveley. Mark comes from Bainbridge Island, Washington, while Emma grew up as a second generation Swede in Los Angeles. They met and started making music together in 1995, playing together in various groups until starting Jed and Lucia in 2005, self-releasing their first album, Candles in Daylight, in 2006. They lived together in various desert outposts at the fringes of Los Angeles until 2008 when they moved up to the Bay Area and to the hills of Berkeley. In 2009 they started a side project, Kite in the Air, with Mike Dillon aka Mike Genius, releasing 2 EPs.