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“So, here it is. The Worldwide Awards’ ‘Label Of The Year’ – Ubiqutiy Records has got the man to dig deep into his serious collection to come up with quite possibly the finest collection of rare jazz, soul and funk ever compiled. Yes, it is THAT good.”

“Gilles Peterson has some of the best ears in the music industry”

”He hits it with crate-digging zeal… the finest, unearthed nuggets”


Brand new Luv N'Haight series off to a bang raiding the amazing record collection of BBC DJ Gilles Peterson.

Thousands of $'s of previously super-hard-to-find rarities from soul to funk to jazz all on one comp.

This is the first in a series of ?Digs? compilations raiding the record racks of some of the most outrageous music collections.

Over the years Gilles Peterson has delighted dance floors and listeners to his radio show by joining the dots between musical styles and eras. His record collection is so serious he keeps it in a separate house known as Brownswood. Regular listeners to Petersons radio show (Worldwide airs on BBC Radio 1 weekly in the UK and is syndicated around the world) are occasionally treated to a Brownswood Basement selection where all the records are oldies, all on vinyl, and none have been re-issued. By popular demand this compilation features some of the Brownswood Basement rarities from the USA.

From the highly collectible sweet soul of Dorando to the super rare manic breakbeat funk of 47 x It?s Own Weight this comp packs punch. Swinging vocal jazz selections from Bobby Cole and Baaska and Scavelli slide into ultra-rare funk nuggets from Moses Dillard, heavyweight modal jazz from the World Experience Orchestra and a soulful killer from JR Bailey in the way that only Peterson can do it. We?re talking about thousands of dollars worth of music, mostly insanely rare and previously irritatingly unavailable!

Peterson is a DJs DJ known for selecting and blending together choice tracks from around the world regardless as to whether they were previously obscure or well known. He also is the listeners listener and through his show has sought out and made famous music that might otherwise have remained unheard. And despite his preference for quality over rarity Peterson is also the collectors collector, able to pull out an eye-brow raising record amidst the company of any vinyl connoisseur we know of.

Listening to each of the tunes on this compilation it?s hard to imagine why these artists are not all household names. Such is the ability of Mr Peterson to spot a tune. Asked if he ever walks into Brownswood and thinks he has nothing to play, the simple answer is ?No?.