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"A hybrid of seductive grooves washed in edgy urban imagery."

"A savvy distillation of the current Bay Area club scene."


Dave and Andrew have been working together for years, although not always as co-producers. They met in 1996 at the legendary Nickies BBQ club on San Francisco's lower Haight. Andrew was working the decks and Dave was checking the tunes while working the door.

Bugs have only released a limited edition 7? pack and a limited edition 12? - we?ve had numerous international A&R guys banging on the doors to hear what is coming next from the duo.

Bugs have already started to remix other people?s work. Recent clients have included Q-Burns Abstract Message (for a project on World Domination), Brasilian percussionist Airto (for B&W?s acclaimed ?Music With No Name? compilation series) and rising San Francisco star Terra Deva.

Dave is a renowned bass player on the SF music circuit. He has played with the likes of New Dealers (opening for Run DMC, De La Soul, 3rd Bass, Cypress Hill), Reshi and the Krush Groove and alongside members of Funkadelic and Digital Underground. Carpul Tunnel Syndrome caused Dave to rethink his career. By starting the Underdog studio he has now become a renowned producer, too. He has recently worked with Blue Boy, members of The Goats, 80 Mile Beach, Terra Deva, Nefertiti Jones and produces music under the pseudonym Skyjuice.

For three years Andrew was editor of On The One Magazine; helping to spread the word about global club music and the emerging American electronic, hip hop and future jazz subculture. He now hosts KUSFs Friday Night Session, co-produced the Better Daze project and is publicist/radio promotions guy for Ubiquity. He DJs crazy eclectic club music around the globe.

The name Bugs came out of nowhere. But since its conception we like to think it refers to Dave and Andrew as Bugs in the system - they don?t really care about the traditional arrangement of songs and the way producers structure tunes for easy accessibilty and radio play. They make music that sounds great at home, moves the dancefloor and will soon rock the airwaves.

Two songs, ?About You? and ?Let Go? features vocalist Storm Large, a contestant on the popular reality series, Rock Star Supernova.