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Long before there were videos, there were songs…songs that conjured up an image in your mind of a certain time in your life, maybe a pleasant memory or maybe even a long lost love. The songs on Johnny Coppola’s latest release” A Shot to the Kisser” are vignettes that are woven together to bring back a time when a man pursued a women and drowned his sorrows at his favorite bar with a whiskey or a scotch…chaser, optional.

The 16 songs on this disc are presented from that moment when your heart and mind are overwhelmed by an image of her to the culmination of the affair and the inevitable parting of the ways.

Mr. Coppola is an artist and a romantic and his music reflects that…when you listen to “Prelude to a Long Love Affair” you can feel the anticipation he feels for the moments to come…the moments that lead you into, “A Song for Love On a Summer Night”…” All I need to see, is in her eye’s…lucky for me…on a summer night” We have all been there…the highs, the lows… The first third of John’s opus starts you on that journey and deposits you right at that bar…you know the one…dark, smoky, maybe an indigo hue reflecting on a piano player singing songs of woe… then you hear the songs of lament…the haunting Night of our Dreams, Sandra, Angel Eyes and the strangely hypnotic, “I’m Through with all of these Dames”…” a fool in love, that’s what I am” and drink up this classic lyric…”I’m through with blondes with big blue eyes, shapely brunettes with kissable thighs”…Johnny is a poet…some call him the Rat Pack Poet…I just call him a man who has lived the songs and has the talent and the guts to put his feelings to music…lyrical prose that evoke a by-gone time when men drank to drown their sorrows and women were dames, not a politically correct description but one that fits the time and place.

As you reach the final few songs you’ll see the arc complete…I’ll Sleep Alone, Without You, I Love you So and his interpretation of the classic, “One for My Baby” I listened to this record in my leather chair, with a favorite bourbon, a cigar and yes, the lights were dimmed…I was transported to a place that I only long for in my dreams…and Johnny took me there…a rare talent and storyteller can do that, Johnny Coppola is that artist…sit back and enjoy the journey that is “ A Shot to the Kisser”

Joe DiDonatoBoston,