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The brains behind Puracane belong to David Biegel and Ali Rogers. Biegel will be familiar to Ubiquity fans, as he is one half of electronic act Bugs. He's a programmer, bass player, remixer and producer. A member of numerous bands (from dub outfits to hip hop productions), Biegel turned to producing as tendinitis hindered his ability to play bass. Skyjuice is his solo project often featuring talented MCs and vocalists on solo releases. Skyjuice tunes have appeared on 12"s and on No Categories 1 and 2, Audio Alchemy, and What's Cookin' for Ubiquity. Biegel's Skyjuice project has become one of the most in-demand production names in the USA. Over the past year or so he has lent an underground production sound to an eclectic group of musicians including Natalie Imbruglia, Carly Simon, Morley, So So, Rooster and Terra Deva. He has remixed music by Bis , Morley, Blueboy, Hooverphonic, 80 Mile Beach and even Crystal Gayle!

A recent move to NYC from San Francisco has put Biegel in touch with many new musical contacts. For Puracane he teamed up with vocalist Ali Rogers (see below); renowned guitar player Knox Chandler -- known for his stints with Souixsie & the Banshees, REM, and the Psychedelic Furs; and Susan Elinger, who provided some intoxicating live piano work (take a listen to "Key Movement"!).

Vocalist Ali Rogers' efforts with Barbie Complex bought them major label interest but unfortunately the band spilt under the pressure. Around that time a gentleman with a scrawny Bristol accent called and asked for a demo because he wanted to record with her. The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Tricky and an off-on relationship continued for a couple of years, Rogers eventually electing not to work for the UK producer. Coming full circle, Rogers happened upon David Biegel's Village Voice advertisment looking for a new vocalist!

In Rogers, Biegel had found the rare combination he had been seeking: a talented vocalist who could write great songs and was willing to stretch the boundaries of performance without wanting to sound exactly like another Portishead or Massive Attack. Sure, the band has a girl and is beat-oriented, but one listen and you'll hear the difference. The album begins with the edgy "14 Nights" and the title track, both of which manage to balance leftfield production sensibilty with catchy hooks and great songwriting. Reaching out in many directions, Puracane peer into a more guitar-driven sound on "Not Today" but can also provide a chilling ballad, as displayed on "I Need To Leave." Rogers is a huge Jane's Addiction fan, hence the cover version of "Summertime Roll."

Soon after the release of the album, Ali Rogers took Puracane live. The current line-up includes drummer Andrew Griffiths, guitarist Josh Weinberg, and bass player David Leatherwood. The band have just completed 3 shows with Sting and 3 with Duran Duran as part of the Levi's First Stage event. Things You Should Leave Alone continues to recieve fantastic reviews, constantly winning over new fans for the live shows.