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Things are nice in the land scape these days. Gearing up for the new record to be released, and playing around town. I played between The Mars Volta and Saul Williams in both L.A. and San Francisco and it was a blast. I highly recommend The Mars Volta's new album Deloused In the Comatorium highly. It is strange when a record comes out that has nothing similar to my musical tastes, yet blows my mind every time. Maybe it's because they are going for it, really going for it, and get there too. There's a nice comment in the message board about the cover Dntel and I did of the West Coast pop Art Experimental Band's I Won't Hurt You... thanks much. I'll try and hit up the board once in a while and wax poetic about latest music findings. The trip to San Francisco yielded some nice rewards, a bit of Sun Ra, Syd Barrett, and Colin Blunstone. Yes, the soft-rock phase is not over yet. Down below is a chart of new stuff I've been digging as well as some new soft rock favorites, and a little list of other things I've been into, just because it's fun to make lists. Someone start a list section in the message board and lets go to town.

Other things I've been digging besides music:

Movies: Dark Days, Spirited Away, Where the Green Ants Dream

Food: Ali Bab's in San Francisco, Native Foods in Westwood, this recipe for Ethiopian lentils I got online


Books: Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Badfinger Story, Caetano Veloso Biography

Latest 5:
1. The Clientele - The Violet Hour - Merge
2. The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Comatorium
3. Icebreaker and Manual - Into Forever - Morr
4. Languis - Four Walls - ?
5. Anything new and Neptunes produced (Roscoe P. Coldchain)

Soft Rock 5
1. Poppy Family - Which Way You Going Billy? - London
2. Robert Palmer - Clues - Columbia
3. Lazy Smoke - Corridor of Phases - Arf! Arf!
4. Thomas and Richard Frost - Visualize - Revola
5. VA - Soft Sounds for Gentle People - ?