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karry walker is a folkie with a finger smack dab on the throbbing pulse of her generation: a generation tired of scratchy guitars and immediately suspicious of earnest rhetoric. karry?s songs lack any trace of the usual pop cliches. In fact, she seems to effortlessly skip between intimate acoustic song and urban trip-pop. But it?s her delivery that gets you in the end - a stunning voice that melts seamlessly from chaste choirgirl to raspy glue huffer in a single breath. And just so - it is the voice of a generation kicking and screaming into the new millennium, and she?s not going anywhere without leaving a few teeth marks.

karry?s first full-length album ?Lipsbury Pinfold? (Ubiquity Records) was released in June of 1999 to critical accolades. CMJ Music Monthly called her ?a master of packaging evocative images into atmospheric songs?, while the SF Metropolitan tagged her as ?Devastating...an angel in the outfield.? Magnet Magazine called Lipsbury Pinfold ?a riveting collision of hippie blues, atmospheric pop and funky folk?, and SOMA magazine called it a ?low-tech guitar masterpiece.? karry was also invited to perform at numerous music industry showcases, including the CMJ New Music Marathon in NewYork City, and North By Northwest in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to written acclaim, songs from Lipsbury Pinfold have been placed on major network TV shows including MTVs ?Real World? and the WB Network?s prime-time teen show ?Popular.? A full year after it?s release, three songs from the album were used in the making of Abe Levy?s feature film ?It?s Alright Ma, I?m Only Trying?, which was an official selection of the Mill Valley Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival. Almost two years after it?s release, the album is continuing to turn heads.

Karry teamed up with noted producer Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney, Beulah, Paul Cole, The Velvet Underground) to mix her follow-up release, a project called Ultralash. The self-titled album was released in 2003. The second Ultralash album, ?Foamy Lather? was released in May 2008. To find out more about karry and Ultralash, go to www.ultralash.com.