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"If someone asks me where music might be going, this is one of the possibilities."
- Pete Tong


Interfearence are a London based outfit who make original club tunes that offer a refreshingly twisted alternative to traditional 4-on-the-floor house. Their sophomore album (and first for Ubiquity) is packed with tracks that jump inside your mind with an instant mood, an infectious bassline, driving persussion, and trippy vocal hooks. Their unique formula references the heady days of clubbing when the Stone Roses might get played alongside 808 State, where influences are truly eclectic - a dash of psychedelia, exotic drumming, moody soundscapes, and a whole chunk of funk. Releasing their debut album in 1999 on London Records, Interfearence earned praise from the European dance community and comparisons to everyone from Underworld to the Beta Band. "Take That Train" is where the story starts again . . . as Interfearence continue to make unfiltered, but definitely twisted, modern club tracks for people who just like good music...

With "Take That Train", Talkin' Loud A&R man Paul Martin and Canadian born musician Tyrrell offer a variety of moods. Kicking off with the Brazilian flavored "Dinheiro". There are also mid-tempo adventures like the breakbeat-driven "Theme From Oblivion", downtempo excursions like "Vari Happy", the broken beat influenced "The Struggle" and wild driving tracks like "Salvarsan" and "Xtradition" filling out the sound of "Take That Train". "Emotionalize" is a vintage Interfearence track originally appearing on the "Blue Note Club Culture" compilation. It's inclusion delighted Ubiquity A&R contact Andrew Jervis, "I played that track every week until I wore it out and my copy began to skip about half-way through, " he said. "that was a few years ago but it still sounds as fresh and energetic today as when I first heard it." They've also been getting great feedback from the likes of Peter Kruder and the lucky few who got dub plates of various album tracks.

A little history follows in case you missed the hype surrounding the first album. The event which instigated their meeting, came when Paul and Tyrrell met four years ago. They were clattering along on a tube train when their eyes met over a Sly & The Family Stone album which Tyrrell was clutching. Soon they're talking and not long after that they're trying out a few ideas in a home studio, with Paul spinning records and Tyrrell armed with a guitar and keyboards.

"He plays some amazingly powerful music," enthuses Paul of Tyrrell. "I try to get him to do that without worrying what other bands would do on the same kind of track". Just as their mutual hero hero Sly Stone did it, then. The maverick Seventies funk champ brought them together and his ways have been central to the game plan ever since. "I'm more of a rock person and he's into soul" says Tyrrell. "But Sly & The Family Stone are the point where we meet. They epitomised that golden age when rock was funky and funk was rocky".

Interfearence cover these bases and a whole lot more. Reactions vary. Some hear an organically funky Underworld. Others a more speedy take on the anthemic experimentation of the Beta Band. Or New York house blasted off on a unique trajectory. Or swoonsome Balearica. Or dubbed-up Pink Floyd. Or hypnotic techno played by Public Image Limited. Or a star kissed, modernist psychedelia of a thoroughly singular kind. "People are pointing out things we haven't even heard in our music," Paul smiles. "It's not about claiming we invented a whole new style. It's to do with putting our own, unprompted, instinctive twist on the music we love."

Their debut album was a collection of four hard-to-find but well received EPs they put out on their Electronically Enhanced label last (before signing to London/ffrr) - with three new tracks added for good measure.

Ubiquity released a limited-edition first single in the USA featuring "Dinheiro" this June. A second single featuring 3 mixes of the Afrobeat-flavored title track and a remix of "Xtradition" from super hot UK producers Zero dB will be released and widely available in August. The "Take That Train" album will be released in October on single CD and double LP.